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Message from the President & CEO

Message from the President & CEO

Nothing Beats Harder for Health
Than Your Heart!
This may be the most important message I write this whole year.  Your business is invited to hear a very valuable presentation from business owners like you. This should be required listening for managers who are responsible for the people who work at your business (or) if you are the one responsible for productivity. The most important asset that your company has is its employees. A sick workforce, a work force that smokes too much, is obese or has diabetes too prevalent, is at risk. If you are not the owner or business leader PLEASE pass it to them…it is that important!

You will hear what other businesses in SJC are doing to reduce their risk and help their people to better health. See the attached flyer for more detailed information and a link to register. The local team of American Heart Association, Healthy Lodi, and Adventist Health have come together with the 209 Worksite Wellness Symposium 2021. It is a ZOOM Presentation. Click here to register today.

What do you know about Blue Zones?  This presentation by our Keynote Speaker will get you excited about Blue Zones…coming to Lodi, Stockton and much of the 209 Area.  Do not be left out it is for a very great reason you need to be in this meeting… Your People!

February is Heart Month, a logical place to put Valentines Day.  Remember those you love, and tell them in a meaningful way what they mean to you. 

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