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Message from the President & CEO

Message from the President & CEO

Last November at the Mayor’s State of The City Address we announced an initiative we named…Lodi Business Coming Back Strong in 2021.

It is not just a name or a slogan, it has some jaw-setting angst for motivation. It's a commitment and aim to fight back, helping businesses of all sizes and types to make 2021 a year of positive change. We are launching a new platform of sword-sharpening business practitioners to help you maximize your skills and knowledge on a variety of business “Must-Haves.”

Social Media Marketing 101 was a tremendous success, and it will repeat in April. In our surveys last summer Lodi businesses told us what you needed to come roaring back from 2020. More than any other comment we heard, “Getting more of my business successfully on-line is of greatest importance.”

If that shoe fits do not miss putting it on in April and that is just the start.

How about keeping up with all the new laws? Or a Podcast sit down with one of Lodi’s best attorneys for Q&A on questions you anonymously submit? Or some new HR issues which handled incorrectly can cause white-water turbulence for business owners. How can you navigate without a guide whose business is keeping you from getting soaked? We have a couple of those lined up; just tune in.

We are coming back strong and we are repositioning our chamber to be more valuable to your business. We are pulling the talent together with pertinent and valuable information that can protect and grow your business. Keep tuned for now to this Weekly Connection for updates.

Remember if you have suffered a 2020 Set-Back,

A set-back is a SET-UP for a COMEBACK and that is our goal for you in 2021!

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