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Ambassador Committee

Meetings: Every 3rd Wednesday each month 8AM in the Lodi Chamber Conference Room (and available via Zoom). The Lodi Chamber Ambassadors are the public face of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce. They are fully committed to the furtherance of community-based businesses, through welcoming new members to the Chamber, participating in Ribbon Cuttings and milestone anniversaries, volunteers and assisting with Chamber events. The Lodi Chamber Ambassadors do not miss the opportunity to network with business, new people, new meeting and to connect to a potential clients of theirs.

Government Relations Committee

Meetings: 1st Friday of each month Noon in the Lodi Chamber Conference Room The Government Relations Committee has the role of business advocacy, as it applies to furthering business’s rights. The areas of greater focus for the GRC are: growth issues, economic development, and business advocacy. Each year they join more than fifty Chambers to stop job-killing legislation, and support measures that are business friendly. (Meetings: 1st Friday of every month, 12:00 noon, Chamber Conference Room)

Multi-Cultural Committee

The MCC's goals are to celebrate multi-cultural businesses and assist with improving businesses through best practices, trainings, technical support, and funding. Meets: 4th Wednesday of every month in the Chamber Conference Room 4PM - 6PM

Street Faire Committee

Meetings: On Call

Young Professionals of Lodi

Meetings: 4th Tuesday every month, 4PM in the Lodi Chamber Conference Room. Young Professionals of Lodi is committed to cultivating a network of young professionals in the Lodi region that focuses on improving the quality of life within our community through professional development, networking and mentoring. We strive to empower Young Professionals to become actively engaged in community issues and expand their horizons.

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