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Love Lodi

About Us

Love Lodi began as a city-wide volunteer day. In 2014, Captain Martin Ross from the Salvation Army and over 100 volunteers served the city and pioneered the movement. In 2024, over 1000 volunteers tackled 60 different projects all over Lodi and the City Council proclaimed the last Saturday in April officially "Love Lodi Day."

In 2023, Timothy and Tara Stewart began to chair the Love Lodi Team, comprised of community leaders from the non-profit, faith, business and public sectors. Love Lodi is part of the Love Our Cities family. They believe every city needs a city-wide volunteer day. Why? It serves as a catalyst for year-round, city-wide initiatives with year-round impact. In 2022 and 2023, Love Lodi began to "Love Lodi Schools" in the Fall, starting with Lawrence Elementary and Lodi Middle School.

Love Lodi is more than a city-wide volunteer day. We are a city-wide movement that champions volunteerism and leads with love: laying our time, energy and resources down for the good of our city no matter what.

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